A new Leeds-based job website, Employgo, reveals Fabio Capello and Cheryl Cole are the dream bosses for young jobseekers.

Two celebrity favourites stood out when www.employgo.co.uk, the employment experts for young people, asked which celebrities its users would like as a boss.

The survey “Who would be your favourite celebrity boss” commissioned by the web student recruitment company reveals the 16-24 year old jobseekers who use www.employgo.co.uk consider England Manager Fabio Capello the ideal male boss.

The popular 2008 X-factor judge and pop singer, Cheryl Cole was overwhelmingly the top female choice.

Both celebrities are charismatic and have had highly successful careers.

Fabio Capello has got off to a flying start as the England football team manager and is a proven “winner” as his record over the last two decades in football attests.

Cheryl Cole enjoyed a rapid rise to fame when she took part in Pop Stars: The Rivals and has become a role model for young girls who, like her, wish to make the most of the opportunities available to them. There is also evidence that many of the lads voted for Cheryl, we wonder why this is!…

Ed Clothier, the founder of www.employgo.co.uk said: “Results of this investigation show that young people aspire to become leaders and to make the most of themselves in their jobs – both the top celebrities have had incredibly successful careers, reaching the peak of their professions.”

“There is a wealth of ambitious and motivated young talent out there, hence Employgo’s mission: to help them all get great career opportunities”

The www.employgo.co.uk top 10 celebrity bosses is –

1/ Fabio Capello

2/ Cheryl Cole

3/ Gordon Ramsay

4/ Alan Sugar

5/ David Beckham

6/ Simon Cowell

7/ Madonna

8/ Kate Moss

9/ Sarah Jessica Parker

10/ Jamie Oliver

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