MedMemeory to help patients maintain their health records to enable proper medication.

MedMemeory is here to help patients take better care of their medical records so that they don’t loose necessary information on their medical history that has been preserved for several years.

MedMemory is for a digital personal patient health record. It helps to organize and store patient health records using specially designed software which can run from a host computer or a USB drive. People who face problems in maintaining their medical history or medical records are bound to find this as an effective solution. Like old aged people, who mostly face such kind of problems of managing their medical history.

his device helps in understanding the on goings of your doctors and conditions. The organizing of medical records gets easy. The device gives feasibility to the doctor’s for going through the complete medical history of their patients. The most important feature of this device is that the complete medical history comes in front within fraction of seconds and is like the entire medical history on the palm of hand.

The information that is commonly stored in this device is:

Critical Information: Identification Information, Allergy Information, Current Medications, Current Medical Conditions, and Notes.

Doctor’s Notes: General Practitioners, Specialists, Dentists Notes and Records, Optometrist Notes and Records, Laboratory Values

Imaging Studies: X-rays, Ultrasounds, MRI, CT, PET, and other imaging studies.

Other Software Studies: Electrocardiogram, EKG Studies, Pulmonary Function Tests.

Personal Records: Exercise Logs

American College of Emergency Physicians© state that even children with easily recognized problems might be difficult to treat when a physician is unfamiliar with their medical histories. Parents of children with special needs must have a mechanism in place to relay essential medical information about their child to emergency health care providers, regardless of their presence or immediate capabilities. To maintain a complete medical history of the patient is not an easy task but is very important so that accurate medications can be provided. This is where MedMemeory comes in.

The company has a mission for the medical community and that is to improve communication involving patients, doctors, health care workers, health institutions, surgical sites, imaging sites, and laboratories, to increase quality of care, decrease medical errors and to reduce medical costs due to errors, redundancy, storage, and transportation of data with the increase in quality of life and empowerment of patients and their network.

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