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Bear in mind that if your release does not fit the general guidelines of online press releases, it will NOT be published, so please take time in crafting it properly.

Note: Please do not submit a release here that you have distributed through other similar channels. This will only hurt your efforts as it is seen as duplicate content and loses its prominence. We recommend that if you are sending out releases through more than one channel on the same topic that you rewrite each distribution slightly to give it its own unique flavour.

Important: A press release is a written communication that reports on an event, circumstance or occurrence and is provided to the news media for the purpose of promotion. Gambling, wonder drugs or other similar announcements will not be accepted.

Please provide accurate contact information in case our staff needs to contact you with any questions related to your press release. eNewsWire UK is open to all.

Bear in mind that if your release does not fit the general guidelines of online press releases, it will not be published.

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1. Copy your press release to the form below, maximum 350 to 450 words. Minimum HTML is allowed.

2. If you want to have a picture with the press release you need to give us a direct link to the picture using the HTTP format. Sample – We will download the picture and insert it. Only JPG, GIF and PNG are allowed. Make sure you provide an image link, not your company’s website or an HTML site. Your photo will then not be posted.

3. Press releases must not contain more than one hyperlink per release and only as a simple link ( The link will not be active. For more active links accompanying the release please read the notes below. Note that those ignoring this rule and posting multiple links will not be posted.

4. All press releases are read over and posted by our team of editors. As a result, there will be a delay between submission and posting. We aim to post all new and usable Press Releases within two working days. If your release has not appeared on the site within a week, check that it fits eNewsWire’s submission guidelines and try submitting it again.

NOTE: For more links and anchor tag activation pls. contact us using the email “news at” – Max three links allowed per release for a one-time fee of £30, you can use up to four words per link. This is a one-time fee and the release will be kept in for at least 12 months from the date of posting.

Links will be installed as requested, then we will send you an email with a payment link to be processed by you using a credit card.

5. Include specific keywords relevant to your press release. These will be displayed as social media tags under your text.

6. We reserve the right not to publish material that does not fit the style and tone of the website.

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