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eNewsWire offers online press release distribution to search engines, social media, on and offline newswires and directly to news desks. eNewsWire, through eNewsPR, offers professional distribution services for organizations that want to have an impact with their online public relations.

Through eNewPR, your release will get visibility through the likes of Google News, Blog and Web, RedTram, Topix, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and, of course, directly to the targeted media news desks.

Online press release distribution gives you valuable exposure reaching far beyond the journalists you already know and are in contact with. In the UK alone, around 17 million people use news sites such as Google News, BBC and Bing News to research and find information. 78% of Journalists use the internet to read press releases, and 98% go online daily.


Free PR distribution: $0
Your PR gets visibility through Google Blog and Web results.

Get more visability: $45
Your PR gets visibility through Google News, Blog and Web results. Great for search engine visibility and Google alerts. Next-day service or by a selected date and time. We also have a team of professional editors and translators who can write your press releases up from scratch or rewrite them in several versions to prevent duplication. Includes up to three outbound live links with anchor tags, including up to three words. It will remain in our database through a unique URL for at least one year from publication. This distribution service also includes attachments such as a PDF and an Image.

News Desk distribution: from $220
Through eNewsPR we have access to thousands of News Desks around the world. Through the News Desk distribution, your release will get sent directly to the inbox of editors. Next-day service or earlier if needed.

Vertical – Finance distribution: From $180
Do you want to get noticed online? Do you want to get directly to the inbox of finance editors, journalists, columnists, reporters and other stakeholders? This is a great choice for annual reports and other financial announcements. Through this package, distribution is done to industry-specific news and social media sites and to carefully selected news desks. Next-day service or earlier if needed.

eNewsWire in cooperation with eNewsPR and their partners, can distribute on a worldwide scale, focused on continents, groups of countries, countries and cities.  We can also distribute with a focus on verticals and sectors. Next-day service or earlier if needed.

Regional – Scandinavia distribution package: From $120
Do you want to get noticed in Sweden, Denmark and Norway? Do you want to get directly to the inbox of finance editors, journalists, columnists, reporters and other stakeholders in these countries? This package is a great sample of a regional distribution – We can even translate for you if needed for a competitive price. Next-day service or earlier if needed.

Custom strategy: From $xxx
Do you need a blast or a seed? We can create a custom strategy based on your needs and markets. Contact us for more information.

Want to know more? Send us an email to news [at] enewswire.co.uk