Revolutionising the Seafood Market: Canadian Firms Win Big in International Branding Challenge

Canadian Seafood Industry to Receive Global Marketing Boost by SDG\TBWA

Oslo, Norway, 23.02.2024 – In a significant development for the global seafood market, a renowned marketing firm based in Norway has decisively won an international competition to rebrand and reposition Canadian seafood. This project, commissioned by the Atlantic Groundfish Council, focuses on elevating the status and market presence of seafood enterprises along the eastern coast of Canada.

After a rigorous six-week competition involving multiple international agencies, the Norwegian-based team was selected to lead this ambitious project. The competition underscores the global nature of seafood marketing and the need for innovative strategies to promote sustainable and high-quality products worldwide.

The newly developed marketing strategy is a collaborative effort, uniting expertise from various branches of the marketing firm across Norway and Iceland alongside their counterparts in Copenhagen. The plan was kick-started with an extensive strategic planning session in Brussels, aiming to harness the collective insights and resources of the network spanning EMEA.

The initiative draws upon the firm’s vast experience in the seafood sector, including successful campaigns for notable industry players and strategic projects across several markets. This depth of knowledge is expected to be instrumental in delivering a campaign that will significantly enhance the visibility and appeal of Canadian seafood internationally.

The campaign’s first phase is already underway in Sweden, promoting a Canadian fish species akin to red plaice. This marks the beginning of a series of planned activities to introduce and establish Canadian seafood as a top choice for consumers and businesses across Europe and beyond.

The Picture shows: Valgeir Magnússon, Carrita Jonassen, Vetlla Majgren Uthaug and Ida Luise Andersen.

**Contact Information:**
For further information, please contact:

Nicolay Jernberg
Holbergs gate 19
0166 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 915 63 232

This initiative represents a significant step forward in the global promotion of Canadian seafood and is anticipated to set new standards in the marketing of seafood products worldwide.


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