Tourists, Hel Awaits You in Oslo The Viking Planet

Tourists, Hel Awaits You in Oslo!

Oslo, Norway, 09.07.2024 – What do headlines such as “Tourists Go to Hel”, “Join our Unique Fjord Cruise” and “The Best Chopping Mall in Oslo” have in common? They are part of an advertising campaign by the creative agency SDG\TBWA, in cooperation with The Viking Planet, which has crafted a clever campaign that connects the immersive museum with the Viking area’s destinations, transforming the museum itself into a must-visit location.

Erik Heisholt also highlighted the Viking spirit of equal opportunities:

“We shifted our focus from the technology behind time travel to the experiences and destinations you encounter. By positioning The Viking Planet as a travel destination, we can use traditional travel advertising language to describe the experiences, including encounters with Hel or the dangers of the Rauma river cruise.” he continues and smiles, “Hel awaits at The Viking Planet, a journey not for the faint of heart.”

Rasmus Ramstad, CEO of The Viking Planet, shared his vision:

“The Viking Planet is a destination, offering visitors an unparalleled opportunity to step back in time and experience the Viking Age firsthand. This campaign perfectly captures the essence of our museum, emphasizing the timeless fascination with Viking history. Our immersive experiences and state-of-the-art technology allow guests to connect with a bygone era, making the past come alive in a way that is both educational and thrilling. The campaign aligns seamlessly with the spirit of The Viking Planet, inviting everyone to embark on a journey through time.”

Rasmus Ramstad also elaborated on the enduring allure of the Vikings:

“The Vikings continue to fascinate us due to their multifaceted nature and the lasting impact they left on various cultures. Their reputation as fierce warriors and skilled seafarers and their rich mythology and artistic traditions create an aura of adventure and mystery. The Viking Age’s relatively short span and the abundance of dramatic sagas and archaeological discoveries further fuel our curiosity. Moreover, their complex social structure, where women held relatively more autonomy than other societies of the time, adds another layer of intrigue. This blend of exploration, warfare, artistry, and societal dynamics makes the Vikings a captivating subject for modern audiences.”

More About the Campaign:

Welcome to The Viking Planet, the world’s first interactive and digital Viking museum. Our innovative campaign draws attention to the museum as a hub of multiple destinations visitors can experience through cutting-edge technology.

At The Viking Planet, guests can travel back in time and immerse themselves in the Viking Age, exploring different aspects of Viking life and mythology. Our 1600-square-metre digital gateway in the heart of Oslo, just across from Oslo City Hall, offers an array of virtual journeys and interactive experiences.

Through our advanced technology, visitors can embark on a unique fjord cruise, visit the mythical realms of Hel and Valhalla, and explore the bustling markets and warships of Viking society. This campaign underlines the diverse adventures that await at The Viking Planet, making it a must-visit destination for anyone fascinated by the Vikings.

About The Viking Planet:

Opened in June 2019 to the public in Oslo, becoming the world’s first digital Viking Age Museum. Since then, another Viking Planet has opened in Haugesund with many more to come worldwide! The Viking Planet is a digital portal to the Viking Age. Using tomorrow’s technological tools and entertainment devices, we offer our guests a wide selection of unique experiences and exhibitions centred around the Viking Age. Regardless of your knowledge about Vikings, our unique technology and exhibitions make The Viking Planet an attractive adventure for tourists, social outings, and school groups. Topics covered include Ships and navigation, Weapons and war, Women in the Viking Age, and Religion and mythology.


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