The Engine Nordic and TBWA\CONNECTED Showcase the Power of Branding in Successful Talent Acquisition during BusinessTalk

Copenhagen, Denmark, 13.03.2023 – In a demonstration of the intersection between strong branding and effective talent hunting, The Engine Nordic, guided by the astute leadership of Country Manager Jacob Petersen, alongside TBWA\CONNECTED, celebrated the success of their latest BusinessTalk event. Held at the prestigious building BØRSEN by the DANSK ERHVERV (Danish Chamber of Commerce), the seminar was a beacon for industry professionals seeking to master the art of attracting and retaining top talent through compelling employer branding.

The event underscored the vital role of a powerful brand in today’s competitive job market, drawing a whole house of eager participants and fostering an environment of high engagement and shared insights. The successful turnout and the lively discussions that ensued highlighted the growing recognition of employer branding as a key element in talent acquisition strategies.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Jacob Petersen from The Engine Nordic remarked, “A strong brand is more than just a business asset; it’s a magnet for talent. Yesterday’s seminar illuminated the undeniable link between how a company presents itself and its ability to attract the right people. The enthusiastic participation from all attendees reinforced the idea that effective branding is at the heart of successful talent hunting.”

An interesting question asked at the event was by speaker Kirsten Østergaard Poulsen from Firstmove; she asked, “If you had the chance to start your company again, what would you do differently?” something she recommended that those owning companies should do regularly.

Ulf Westmark-Højelsen of TBWA\CONNECTED added, “This question is crucial; in the quest for top talent, your brand is your voice, and we often find that companies wished they had worked more with the employer branding side from day one. It’s how you tell your story to potential employees. Yesterday, we delved into the strategies that make this voice resonate with the values and aspirations of today’s workforce, driving home the importance of branding in attracting and retaining the best.”

One of the interesting questions asked at the event was by Kirsten Østergaard Poulsen from Firstmove; she asked, “If you had the chance to start your company again, what would you do differently?” something she recommended that those owning companies should to regularly.

The seminar provided actionable insights into leveraging employer branding for talent acquisition. Sessions highlighting HR’s strategic role in crafting a brand that speaks to potential hires, adapting to the changing expectations of new generations, and employing performance marketing to effectively target the right candidates.

The event’s highlight was Jacob Pedersen’s engaging session, which specifically addressed how The Engine Nordic harnesses the power of branding in its talent-hunting endeavours. His insights into developing a brand that resonates with desired candidates gave attendees practical tools and strategies to enhance their recruitment processes.

As the event wrapped up, the floor opened to a vibrant networking session. Discussions on branding and talent continued, underscoring the community’s shared commitment to these crucial aspects of business strategy.

Looking back on the seminar, Jacob Pedersen expressed, “Our discussion on the symbiotic relationship between a strong brand and effective talent acquisition has sparked a necessary conversation within our industry. We must continue to foster this dialogue as we navigate the complexities of today’s job market.”

The Engine Nordic and TBWA\CONNECTED thank all participants, speakers, and organisers for contributing to a highly successful event and we look forward to continuing these critical discussions in future engagements.


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