Convert.Com Launched Alternative Google Website Optimizer

Exciting news for Google Website Optimizer users that are forced to look for alternative A/B testing and multivariate testing – Convert Insights launches its application Convert Experiments with seamless Google Analytics integration.

The company is even offering to migrate existing Google Website Optimizer users with A/B or multivariate tests to migrate to Convert Experiments.

“We are promising a seamless integration with Google Analytics in terms of multivariate testing, conversion and revenue tracking as well as real-time statistics to people that are forced to search alternative products to Google Website Optimizer. It was frustrating to see that June 1st 2012 Google announced the discontinuation of Google Website Optimizer (also know as GWO) and the only alternative solution offered was Google Analytics Content Experiments that has half of the features of Google Website Optimizer. With our team of 5 where each of us is a specialist or developer in conversion optimization it was natural we could extend a hand to users now stuck with expensive enterprise solutions”, says the spokesperson of Convert Insights, the company which was launched in 2009 brought their first A/B testing solution to users in 2010 and received funding from Alta Ventures to improve the lives of millions of online marketers and business owners. He further added that the launc h of Convert Experiments is a joint effort by Claudiu Rogoveanu, Jeroen van der Tuin, Stefanie Baeker and Dennis van der Heijden.

The company stands appart from its competitors with their seamless Google Analytics integration, live-stats, multivariate testing, targeting dynamic ecommerce pages and its ability to track revenue and conversion with one line of code on a website, the so called tag-less integration that will make the life of agencies and marketer that use Google Analytics easier and are looking for Google Website Optimizer alternatives.

Convert Insights is reporting of a hundred percent growth every year and has received venture capital in 2011 as a back up for their development.