Data cleansing is an essential part of direct marketing reveals Jem Marketing

Database management is an integral cog of direct marketing and needs to be monitored frequently, to ensure promotion of products and services are maximised to potential prospects. As much as 50% of contacts and approximately 15% of company details become invalid within 12 months.

Jane Evans, Director of Jem Marketing said, “Businesses don’t always realise the potential of lost revenue when databases are not kept up to date. This is why verification programmes and outsourcing is an important factor to remember.”

The objective of data cleansing is to develop a more effective database, to maximise efficiency and cost, as well as accuracy.

Jane Evans continues, “We specialise in ensuring even the most out of date databases can be made more efficient through thorough telephone based data cleansing services. Once the data cleansing or list cleaning process has been implemented, the results will speak for themselves.”

By maintaining accurate data through an ongoing data cleansing programme wastage is reduced and the lead generating opportunities of the database are able to maximised. For more information on data cleansing services, visit

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Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Jem Sales and Marketing is a dynamic business that has been providing a range of marketing solutions since 1997, including data cleansing, data enhancing, data sourcing, sales lead generation and appointment setting.

Jem Marketing utilise bespoke qualitative research programmes, which they create to meet a clients specific objectives; to promote understanding or diagnose problems, or evaluate products and/or services using the most appropriate methodologies.

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