Charles & Kim Petty Share Virtual Real Estate Investment Tips that work in TODAY’s Real Estate Market

Lithonia, GA, Charles & Kim Petty known as the king and queen in the virtual real estate investing industry share information on virtual turn key wholesaling which could lead to profits of ten thousand dollars or more per month.

With many years experience and expertise Charles and Kim Petty share their knowledge with real estate investors looking to cash in on the profits from real estate investing. Charles and Kim offer information on; wholesaling real estate, real estate investments, online real estate investing and how to cash in on the foreclosure boom online.

Charles and Kim Petty explains virtual wholesaling. “In today’s real estate market foreclosures and motivated sellers are everywhere. So what is the best money making strategy for you as an investor. That would be wholesaling the properties,” says Charles. What is wholesaling? Wholesaling is finding a bargain property and passing it on to another investor. That investor will either buy or hold the property or they will buy and resell it. The property can be a single family home, a multi family home, land, lots, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, pre-construction homes, condos or even new homes. It is simply finding a bargain property and passing it on to a bargain hunter. That bargain hunter will be an investor who will either purchase the property to resell it or purchase it to hold it for rental income. Profits as a wholesaler should be between five thousand and thirty thousand dollars on each house. In some cases it will be higher and some deals the profit may be a little lower.
Charles and Kim Petty describes virtual wholesaling as using the power of the internet and technology to wholesale properties. These properties can be in the investors own market or they can be in other markets across the USA. In order to become a successful wholesaler, Charles and Kim recommend each investor do the following; build a buyer’s list, build a virtual team, and find and pre-screen potential properties. Putting emphasis on those three topics gives the investor a successful start at virtual wholesaling. More information is available online

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