provides 7 suggested terms for adoption by the virtual assistant industry

Given the overabundance of terminology in the virtual assistants, chatbot and virtual agent industry,, the leading business and research community in humanlike conversational AI, has provided 7 suggested terms that could be used to provide consistency.

A virtual assistant is an intelligent character on a website, in a game or in a smart phone app, which often looks like a 3D virtual human being. Although the virtual assistant industry is growing very fast, the terminology used is quite inconsistent and often confusing. Therefore, following their recently published list of 127 virtual assistant synonyms, now suggests 7 excellent candidates which could be adopted by the industry.

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DMC Software celebrates 10 years in business

Leading Sage and Microsoft Business Partner, DMC Software, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, along with the 30th year in business for Mike Ramsay, Managing Director.

Established in 2001, DMC Software are a huge success story growing from nothing to a multi-million pound turnover organisation with 4000 customers across the UK. DMC Software cater for small and mid-sized enterprises across a multitude of industries. And, with vast development capabilities DMC Software are able to offer tailored business solutions to meet individual business requirements.

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New York hotel guests can now benefit from GrandLife Rewards for Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand

Guests at the renowned New York hotels, the Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand, can now benefit from GrandLife Rewards, a new preferred guest program.

New York’s celebrated Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand Hotels have just launched GrandLife Rewards, their new guest loyalty program aimed at rewarding their loyal customers at a rate double to that of their previous program. Members now receive two points for every dollar spent.

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How can the Microsoft Kinect aid the medical field? reports, leading online Canadian source for children’s health information, reports that developers are coming up with ingenious methods of improving surgical processes with the aid of Microsoft Kinect.

Kinect is a type of technology that allows the user to play video games on Xbox 360 without the need for a controller. The Kinect is equipped with a webcam-style add-on which projects infrared beams on everything in its path. This enables the user to control the game using gestures and voice commands. Further, Kinect is able to track the motions of its users. It can tell different users apart based on facial and body characteristics. Kinect is also relatively inexpensive, at $150, and holds the Guiness world record for fastest selling consumer electronics device.

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Kids perform better at science when taught to think like scientists according to study, reports

Leading online Canadian children’s health information provider,, reports that a study shows that kids perform better in science when taught how to think and act as scientists.

The three-year project research project, led by The University of Nottingham and The Open University, has shown that students who took the lead in investigating science topics of interest to them gained an understanding of good scientific practice.

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130 different synonyms are used to refer to ‘chat bot’, claims - Virtual assistants & virtual agentsA compilation of 130 different terms used to discuss chatbots has been released by, the leading business and research community in humanlike conversational AI. hopes that the list’s release will stimulate discussion in the industry to better standardise terminology.

A chat bot is an animated character with artificial intelligence (AI), appearing on websites, in games or in smart phone apps, and which often looks like a virtual human. These avatars are able to hold conversations, either text based or spoken, with human partners.

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