Google Voted the Medallion Speaker at International Search Summit Munich

YouTube Logo Video SharingAt the International Search Summit Munich on Monday April 4th, Andreas Koetter, YouTube and Display AM Lead at Google Germany,was voted the Medallion Speaker.

Summit attendees select the Medallion speaker based upon who they feel gave the best presentation of the day. Speakers at the Summit, which was held as part of Search Marketing Expo, Munich, included Evgeny Lomize from Yandex, WebCertain’s Andy Atkins-Krüger and Florian Resinger from BMW.

Koetter’s session focused on the benefits of using video to communicate a range of messages, as well as its ability to engage with users by relying on targeting the emotional right side of the human brain, rather than the rational left side  . He also presented examples of how video outperformed other advertising media significantly in delivering ROI on international campaigns.

With Video now accounting for one third of all web traffic[1], a number predicted to rise to 90% by 2013, it presents significant opportunities for organisations to reach global web users and develop innovative campaigns to engage their target audience.

Andy Atkins-Krüger, WebCertain CEO, developed the topic further by providing a 10 step guide to producing and optimising videos for an international audience, to maximise the impact of the message and produce videos which are both time and cost effective.

Andy says, “Video is, and will continue to be, an important and relevant topic for organisations implementing an international digital marketing strategy. Andreas’ presentation demonstrated just how huge the potential is for those organisations using video effectively, using real-life examples to prove it works”.

“The fact that the Video presentation was chosen for the Medallion Award is further proof of the power of video”, Andy added.

Past Medallion Speakers include Bill Hunt, Back Azimuth Consulting, Evgeny Lomize, Yandex and Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR.

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About the International Search Summit

The International Search Summit is a series of conferences dedicated to international and multilingual search and social media. It was started in London in May 2008 by international web marketing agency WebCertain and has covered a range of web marketing topics including international SEO, PPC and Social Media.

The conference brings together some of the leading search marketing experts from around the globe who provide advice on running successful international campaigns. In 2011, the International Search Summit will be partnering with Search Marketing Expo (SMX) to run events across the US and Europe.

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[1] Cisco