Multilingual Agency Search Service Expands Across Europe

KeywordFluency - Multilingual Search Services for AgenciesKeywordFluency, a provider of multilingual search marketing services to agencies, has announced a European expansion which will see it open local service centres in France, Germany, Spain, Poland and Turkey, in addition to its existing Italian base.

The company, which has its Headquarters in the UK, works exclusively with agencies to provide the multilingual support they require to service clients with international online marketing projects.  KeywordFluency covers 40+ languages in-house, through native speakers who are also trained in search marketing, and can provide support for SEO, PPC and Social Media projects.

Graeme Sewell, Managing Director of KeywordFluency says, “Agencies across the globe are getting more and more requests for international services, but they often lack the resources to provide them.  KeywordFluency offers a solution to this problem and allows agencies to capitalise on new opportunities.

“We’ve seen increasing interest from agencies across Europe so developing a local presence in key markets is a natural step and will enable us to work more closely with agencies based outside the UK.”

KeywordFluency is not the only organisation to recognise Turkey as an opportunity for growth, with search engine Yandex announcing last week that they have launched in the country.

The five new offices will be established over the coming months, with the search for candidates to fill the new roles already underway.

About KeywordFluency

KeywordFluency is a multilingual search service specifically for agencies that provides support for international search marketing campaigns.

Working in over 40 languages, KeywordFluency undertakes all of the language elements of SEO, PPC, Online PR, Social Media and Link Building projects to deliver content which is accurately localised and culturally relevant for each target market.

KeywordFluency only works with agencies and is designed to work in the background, as an extension to the agency team enabling agencies to offer a broader service to existing clients.

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