Revolutionizing Fleet Management With Hexagon Agility CNG/RNG fuel systems in Class 8 trucks

ÅLESUND, Norway, Feb. 26, 2024 /eNewsWire/—US-based Hexagon Agility, a leader in clean fuel technologies, is thrilled to announce significant new orders for the installation of CNG/RNG fuel systems in Class 8 trucks powered by the groundbreaking Cummins X15N natural gas engine. This strategic move is set to redefine large-scale fleet management across the United States by marrying economic efficiency with environmental responsibility.

Why This Matters for Fleet Managers and Corporate Leadership:

  • Cost Savings Unleashed: By combining the Hexagon Agility CNG/RNG fuel system and the Cummins X15N engine, fleets can tap into the economic benefits of RNG/CNG, a more cost-effective fuel than traditional diesel. This transition promises substantial long-term savings on fuel costs, directly boosting bottom lines and financial performance.
  • Navigating Regulatory Landscapes with Ease: The X15N engine is engineered to meet and exceed stringent environmental regulations, including those set by the EPA and CARB. Early adoption places companies in an advantageous position, future-proofing operations against tighter emissions standards and avoiding potential non-compliance penalties.
  • A Step Towards Sustainable Ambitions: Integrating these advanced natural gas engines into fleets is a clear demonstration of a company’s commitment to sustainability. This aligns with increasing consumer and stakeholder expectations for environmentally friendly practices, enhancing company reputation and market positioning.
  • Reliability and Performance That Rivals Diesel: Transitioning to RNG/CNG doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Supported by Hexagon Agility CNG/RNG fuel systems, the X15N engine offers comparable power and reliability to diesel, ensuring seamless operations without compromising efficiency or uptime.
  • Positioning as Market Innovators: By adopting the latest in natural gas technology, companies signal their role as industry leaders in innovation and environmental stewardship. This forward-looking approach can differentiate brands in a competitive market, attracting customers, investors, and partners.
  • Financial Incentives and Long-Term Viability: Beyond the operational advantages, transitioning to natural gas vehicles opens doors to various financial incentives from government entities. These benefits can significantly offset initial investments, enhancing the economic viability of adopting cleaner fuel technologies.

“The launch of the Cummins X15N, 15-liter engine will triple the addressable market for heavy-duty natural gas trucks over the next few years,” says Eric Bippus, EVP Sales and Systems, Hexagon Agility. “This is a game-changer for our niche industry, enabling a powerhouse solution for Class 8 fleets traveling locally and cross country. The 15-liter delivers enhanced fuel efficiency and maximum uptime.”

About the Collaboration:

The Kenworth Truck Company partnership heralds a new era in heavy-duty trucking by opening its order books for trucks equipped with the X15N. Expected to hit the roads by mid-2024, these trucks represent the pinnacle of efficiency, performance, and sustainability. Hexagon Agility is concurrently ramping up its production capacity to meet the anticipated demand surge, underscoring its commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The Bigger Picture:

The launch of the Cummins X15N engine is expected to significantly expand the addressable market for heavy-duty natural gas trucks, positioning RNG/CNG as a viable competitor to diesel across the United States. With the potential to revolutionize fleet management through economic and environmental advantages, Hexagon Agility and Kenworth Truck Company are at the forefront of driving the industry towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

About Hexagon Agility:

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