TBWA\Connected Teams Up with Ghostlamp and The Engine Nordic to Promote Sustainable North Sea Herring

TBWA\Connected Teams Up with Ghostlamp and The Engine Nordic to Promote Sustainable North Sea Herring

Copenhagen, Denmark, 23.05.2023 – Copenhagen-based TBWA\Connected has partnered with Icelandic marketing technology firms Ghostlamp and The Engine Nordic to launch a campaign promoting the consumption of North Sea Herring. The project aims to educate younger generations in popular markets on how to cook and eat Herring from the North Sea, all while supporting sustainable fishing practices.

Led by TBWA\Connected, with execution by The Engine Nordic, the initiative is being carried out by a collaborative team from Denmark, Iceland, and Norway on behalf of Denmark’s Association of Food Producers. Ulf Westmark-Højelsen, Creative Director and Partner at TBWA\Connected, stated, “Through our master film and many short films, landing pages, and inspiring recipes, we’re introducing a modern culinary take on Herring to younger generations across Europe.”

Valgeir Magnússon, Chairman of the Board at Pipar\TBWA, expressed excitement about the project, saying, “The cooperation between the agencies and The Engine Nordic and Ghostlamp is showcasing how creativity, performance, and technology should play together.”

Valgeir Magnússon says the project is thrilling and demonstrates how creativity, performance, and technology can work together. This approach is based on previous successful collaborations, including launching Arctic Char in the US with Whole Food Markets and promoting North Sea Prawn with Sainsbury’s in the UK.

The campaign runs in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden, with landing pages and recipes tailored to each market. Selected influencers will also contribute by creating recipes and short cooking shows in their home countries.

Not only is North Sea Herring a low-carbon protein source, but it’s also packed with vital vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. With this campaign, TBWA\Connected, Ghostlamp, and The Engine Nordic hope to make this sustainable and delicious fish a staple on menus across Europe.

Contact Information for TBWA\CONNECTED

Louise Sonne-Bergström
COO\Strategic Director TBWA Denmark
+45 2744 9497

Valgeir Magnússon
+354 892 1242

The Engine Denmark
Jacob Petersen
Regional manager

About The TBWA Agencies
Both TBWA\CONNECTED and Pipar\TBWA are a part of the TBWA Nordic alliance with five Nordic offices, employs 250 people and are a part of TBWA\Worldwide Adweek’s Global Agency of the Year for the second consecutive year in 2022 and named to Fast Company’s 2023 List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for the Fifth Year in a Row. 

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About The Engine Nordic
The Engine has a creative and experienced team of specialists with expertise in different areas of digital marketing. Serving businesses across the Nordics, we create and execute digital marketing campaigns that tell a company’s story, build brand awareness, increase sales, and improve search ranking through free and paid channels. We consistently bridge the gap between creative and digital execution to maximise results. Our experts track and measure all online activities, enabling us to perform best for our diverse client roster. The Engine Nordic has offices in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

About Ghostlamp

We bring together brands and influencers on various Social Media platforms. Ghostlamp provides an influencer platform to help brands connect with creative people using innovative marketing tools. The Ghostlamps platform brings together customers and influencers to create content with innovation and an authentic look and feel.