Is it time we all looked to purpose-driven advertising? Climate-positive footwear brand leads the way with remarkable results

London, England, 31.05.2023 – Billions of pounds are being wasted in the digital advertising industry due to poorly targeted ads that fail to reach (or, worse, annoy) their intended audience.

Digital ads are no longer as effective as they used to be due to inaccurate targeting, lack of relevance and poor engagement. In fact, new research by Attention Exchange recently highlighted that 76% of Gen Z consumers care that their time is being wasted by irrelevant ads.

The implementation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy, which allows users to opt out of data tracking, has limited advertisers’ ability to target specific audiences accurately. This has resulted in higher costs per impression and a decrease in the overall effectiveness of advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Advertisers are now having to adapt their strategies to optimise their campaigns within this new landscape.

With 91% of people finding ads more intrusive now compared to two years ago1, advertisers must adapt to capture users’ attention and achieve meaningful results. As brands and consumers prioritise privacy and sustainability, there is a growing demand for an advertising model that empowers individuals to control their privacy while delivering effective outcomes.

Brands like Elliot Footwear, a Climate Positive vegan footwear brand, are seeking advertising channels that align with their values, minimise carbon footprints, and deliver a strong return on investment.

Elliott Footwear partnered with Zedosh, an innovative fintech app that is the first to implement the Attention Exchange’s AI targeting model which uses user’s spending data, not browsing data. Attention Exchange leverages consumers’ consented financial transaction data to ensure brand messages reach a genuinely interested audience while addressing concerns about online tracking.

Via Zedosh, Elliott Footwear launched a purpose-driven advertising campaign that validated the effectiveness of this innovative approach. With just £500 spent, Zedosh generated an impressive 2,822 clicks to Elliott Footwear’s website, specifically targeting consumers who had made sustainable shoe transactions in the last 12 months. In comparison, achieving the same number of link click-throughs on Facebook would have required approximately 1,128 million impressions.

Not only did the campaign deliver outstanding engagement, but it also significantly reduced its environmental impact. A carbon footprint assessment conducted by Norris Media revealed that Zedosh’s carbon footprint was over 1000% lower than that of Facebook, despite achieving the same number of website clicks. Furthermore, advertising on Zedosh cost 2,537% less than on Facebook.

Speaking of their results, Sam Carew, founder of Elliott Footwear said, “We knew we were wasting money with traditional targeting methods, and aside from this were conscious of the environmental concerns around social media advertising. Using spend-based targeting was a new concept to us, but we’ve reaped the rewards and it has opened our eyes to a more sustainable way of reaching potential customers that’s in line with our wider goals.”

These impressive results demonstrate the potential of purpose-driven advertising to deliver exceptional outcomes while contributing to a sustainable future.

Guillaume Kendall, founder of Attention Exchange, commented, “We can shout about the commercial and sustainable benefits of spend-based advertising, but the results really do speak for themselves. Our platform harnesses opted-in purchase data from your competitors’ customers, enabling a considerably more targeted approach than browser-based methods.”

Attention Exchange, the innovative advertising platform, offers a solution by providing a safe space for verified brands to share their purpose with an engaged audience. By harnessing consumers’ consented financial transaction data, Attention Exchange ensures that brand messages reach a genuinely interested audience on their terms while addressing concerns about online tracking.

Elliott Footwear’s success serves as a testament to the transformative potential of purpose-driven advertising.

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