The World's First AI Teacher Revolutionizing Soft Skills and Employability Training

Introducing OIAI Beatrice: The World’s First AI Teacher Revolutionizing Soft Skills and Employability Training

London, UK, 26.05.2023 – Dev Aditya and Dr. Pauldy Otermans, globally acclaimed educationalists, have made a significant impact by upskilling over 40,000 underserved learners across 13 countries during the pandemic. Their organization, Otermans Institute, is on a mission to empower 750 million students worldwide through comprehensive soft skills and employability training. As a result of their dedication, OIAI Beatrice, the world’s first digital human-like teacher-powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been developed to provide accessible and personalized training to individuals at any time and from anywhere.

Beatrice, an innovative educational tool, aims to address one of our time’s most pressing social development challenges—the education and skills gap. The project began over two years ago when this digital human-like teacher was deployed to train refugees in UNHCR camps in North Iraq. Her first free webinar on CV writing garnered an astounding 37,000 visits in less than 72 hours. With a global shortage of 69 million teachers worldwide, meeting the basic educational needs of the population has become a monumental task. AI-powered tutors like Beatrice offer a potential solution by streamlining processes, automating learning, and reducing the burden on human educators.

Otermans Institute’s suite of educational tools promises to democratically guide, skill, and train the global learners of tomorrow, providing everyone with a one-to-one AI teacher in their pocket. OIAI Beatrice, described by Dev and Pauldy as “your personal teacher, trainer, and friend,” is available anytime and everywhere, ensuring no learner is left behind.

The development of technologies like OIAI Beatrice is rooted in a human-centred approach to AI. It aims to foster inclusivity and equity while addressing the current technological divides between countries. By harnessing the power of AI, OIAI Beatrice is poised to revolutionize the education landscape, making learning accessible and engaging for all.

“We are thrilled to introduce OIAI Beatrice as a pioneering solution to enhance soft skills and employability training,” said Krizia Silvestri, spokesperson for Otermans Institute and continues “with Beatrice as your personal AI teacher, Otermans Institute is committed to ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for success.”

About Otermans Institute
Otermans Institute, led by Dev Aditya and Dr. Pauldy Otermans, is a renowned organization dedicated to upskilling learners globally. With a focus on soft skills and employability training, Otermans Institute empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring equal access to quality education. Through groundbreaking AI technology, such as OIAI Beatrice, Otermans Institute is shaping the future of education and bridging the global skills gap.

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