Quality Strapping Inc. Offers Machine-Grade Poly Strapping

Quality Strapping Inc., a Brooklyn-based company specializing in various kinds of plastic straps, is offering machine-grade poly strapping, which is ideal for light to medium bundling. The Qualistrap is available in a variety of widths and can be utilized in a number of light packaging applications.

Often used as an economic alternative to steel and nylon strapping, the Qualistrap is a great choice for machine-grade applications, thanks to its durability and stretching capabilities. It is designed to be used in both automatic and semi-automatic machines. The strap features high levels of elongation and recovery, as well as low tension retention.

People using the Qualistrap are guaranteed fast, tight, and strong strapping that effectively helps them save money and time. The polypropylene product features an embossed finish, which gives it friction and helps keep the closures from sliding off. It comes in a variety of widths, break strengths, and colors. Companies can also request for the straps to be custom printed so people can easily tell if the product has been tampered with, as well as to better identify packages when shipping.

Along with their machine-grade polypropylene variant, Quality Strapping Inc. also offers other types of plastic strapping. These include options made of hand grade polypropylene, machine and hand grade polyester, and rayon and polyester cord, just to name a few. They also offer portable strapping kits designed for home users, which are easy to carry around different job sites and are available with or without strapping tools.

To learn more, visit www.QualityStrapping.com.

About Quality Strapping Inc.

The company was established in 1995, and has since continued to provide the highest quality plastic strapping products at competitive prices. They manufacture and design quality items and systems that comprehensively meet the needs of customers, and have a team of highly trained professionals who monitor all aspects of their production.