Safety Direct America Offers Anti Slip Products for Bathrooms

Safety Direct America, the renowned floor care products and instrument supplier, have lately announced their range of anti-slip bath and shower treatment products and equipment. Safety direct America is a subsidiary of the Sotter Engineering Corporation.

Safety Direct America has reportedly brought their safety products for use for the homeowners as well. With 21 shower and bath treatment products, they guarantee safety ideal for porcelain, acrylic, marble, coated pressed steel and granite surfaces. They also have special Anti-Slip safety grip Tape, which comes with a do-it yourself installation.

“Our bath safety products are not just meant for homes, but they can provide efficient treatment to hotels, health clubs and even hospitals and care homes”, said the spokesperson of Safety Direct America.

Safety Direct also has a range of anti-slip bath treatment called the Solid Step Cote, which is a clear abrasive. This clear abrasive of Solid Step Cote can be used in any kind of surface (floors, baths, and showers of surfaces made of riles, marble, granite, steel, wood, etc.) given that the surface is not waxed. It can also be used on walls and on any kind of un-waxed surface, which gets wet often.

Safety Direct America has their own slip resistant products, which are also meant for testing the surface of any kind of bathroom floors and baths, or showers after one has used the safety products on them.

Speaking about the anti-slip test products, the spokesperson of Safety Direct America said, “We have special equipment which is used to check the surface of wet areas. This ensures if there are chances to slip or not. One can purchase such products from our company itself.”

“With our treatment and testing products we guarantee absolute safety in bathrooms. One can get a professionally engineered and approved certification stamp report of anti-slip test results. We provide our clients with a peace of mind and satisfaction so that bathrooms can be safe for people of all ages and accidents can be avoided,” the spokesperson added.

Safety Direct America offers non-abrasive and abrasive solutions for anti slip shower and bath treatments. They have esteemed engineers who check and register the products and equipments of safety direct. Only after that, they are certified for sale. They also offer solutions for testing the condition of bathrooms of customers and offer solutions for anti skid bathroom care.

Safety Direct America uses the ANSI B 101.3 dynamic coefficient of friction testing method, which is the official anti slip resistance testing method. Safety direct also offers regular checkups, repair, backup, and monitoring of floors for anti-slip floor treatment and they guarantee protection against lawsuits. Each of these checkups also has kind of a backup up with certified approvals.

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