UCE Renovations Announces Full Home Remodeling Services

Residents of New York who are looking for NYC contractors, need not look any further as UCE Renovation, the elite full service firm concerned with construction and remodeling, has extended their services to complete home remodeling. They cater to the needs of both residential and commercial projects.

UCE works with clients directly on projects. They are focused on custom remodeling and construction for any particular room or the entire house or building. They guarantee that their customers will save money and time but have nothing less than good quality.

“We work with our clients in a closed group basis. They put forward ideas and we give our opinions to come to a conclusion which is feasible for the customers. To increase home value, we focus upon the exceeding requirements of each customer for giving their homes a more updated look and advanced value. With our experience and flexible work services, we guarantee that no matter how much wide scale our customers’ needs are, we will provide it”, said the chief executive of UCE.

UCE has been providing long range facilities which other companies don’t offer. They handle both simple and complex long term projects as well. UCE also takes care of pre construction services for its customers including site evaluation, design development, material and order supply, project development, estimates, city filing, architechrual plans, building approval and obtaining permits.

Speaking about the services of pre-construction, the spokesperson of UCE said, “We understand that building a home or commercial project can be tough, especially for someone new. That’s why we offer such pre-construction services. With our experience, we know what’s needed and we guide and help out our customers in that direction.”

When it comes to the construction services, UCE has a wide range of facilities there as well. They are reportedly extending their services for complete remodeling, plumbing, bathroom/ kitchen/ home remodeling, electrical work, crown and base molding work, painting contractor, tiling, flooring contractor, wallpapering, safety measures for homes, quality control, custom cabinetry, woodwork, management, EPA preparation, repairing, restorations, accounting, scheduling and start ups.

“People who are into home remodeling are mostly not aware of the options they have and the measures they need to take before starting any project. We help out people, not only to select their work but also in taking care of small things like safety and permissions. These things might slip one’s mind but we are happy to help people out, leaving no stone unturned.” said the manager of UCE, when commenting about the construction services of UCE.

UCE guarantees a good, affordable price as compared to other Construction companies in NYC, as they claim that cost of residence in NYC is expensive in general. Being one of the leading New York remodeling companies, UCE Remodeling is known for efficient, time and money saving work on various projects.

For further information, visit http://www.ucerenovation.com/