Gainesville Eye Associates: The Center for Eye Treatment in Georgia and North Carolina

Of the five senses, sight is the one that people rely on the most. Unfortunately, there are problems associated with the eye that simply cannot be fixed with a pair of prescription glasses or contact lens. Loss of vision occurs naturally in some people as they age. External factors, such as spending hours staring at a computer screen can also affect the quality of vision later down the road.

If you are suffering from decrease of vision or just want to take preventative measures, then you can schedule an appointment with Gainesville Eye Associates. This Georgia Eye clinic has several locations in Georgia as well as in North Carolina.

This Gainesville Eye Center provides several different treatments. It provides LASIK vision correction, a treatment that most glasses or contact lens wearers have probably considered at one point or another. LASIK is a safe and painless operation that uses laser precision technology to restructure the cornea. The operation has a high success rate with most patients reporting crisp and clear vision without glasses or contacts.

If you don’t mind wearing glasses or contact lens, then Gainesville Eye Associates is also a place where you can go to have your eyes examined and get a prescription for glasses. It carries frames from the top designers, such as Adidas, Nine West, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and Nike. Some of the frames are made with stainless steel and titanium, which ensures superb quality. If you opt for contacts, then the center carries a range of contacts that includes Pure Vision, Acuvue and Softlens Toric.

The Georgia eye center also performs Laser Cataract Surgery. This corrective laser eye surgery works in a similar fashion as LASIK though the purpose is to remove the eyes’ lens and replace them with artificial ones. The implantable lens used is known as TECNIS and provides superior vision under any light condition regardless of distance.

Sometimes, it’s not the eyes that need treatment but the area around it. Gainesville Eye Associates also provides eye lift surgery. This procedure is typically carried out to improve visual function though some patients undergo surgery purely for cosmetic reasons. The removal of excess tissue around the eyes can reduce the appearance of droopy eyebrows. Other cosmetic operations include Botox, which is done to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Latisse is another surgical operation that is available and is done to enhance the appearance of eyelashes.

In a perfect world, our eyes will remain fully functional from the moment of birth to the end of life. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case for most people. The average person at some point in their life will have to see an optometrist or eye specialist due to degeneration of vision. With Gainesville Eye Associates, Georgia and North Carolina residents have an eye surgery center that they can turn to for all their eye care needs. An eye care provider will perform the necessary examinations and operations to correct any vision problems you are seeking treatment for.

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