Best Place to Stay in Jamaica By Anchorage Bed & Breakfast

Jamaica isn’t just tropical paradise with a huge array of activities and breathtaking mountaintop views. It’s also the home of some great accommodation choices. There are a number of fantastic options for tourists looking for a place to stay.

If you and your family are looking for an affordable room rental in Kingston Jamaica, then Anchorage Bed & Breakfast is said to be the best place to stay in. It so happens that there a lot of things to do and to experience in a beautiful place like Jamaica, and with each and every activity and places to go, budget has always been the concern of many. Anchorage Bed & Breakfast not only guarantees to provide you the best apartments and inns to stay in but also happens to offer its clients an affordable room rental rates in Kingston Jamaica.

“We believe that your rentals in Jamaica shouldn’t be hefty on your budget. We make sure that with our competitive pricing of our room rentals, you can enjoy your vacation without exceeding on your budget. If you avail of our accommodation services, we promise you the best Jamaica experience,” says Tony Tame, owner of Anchorage Bed & Breakfast.

Spacious and luxurious inns and apartments, superb king sized or queen sized bed together with clean, elegant bathroom, ample storage, not to mention its great service, amenities and view—all of these will guarantee a worthwhile stay in Jamaica.

Aside from its affordable room rental lease in Kingston Jamaica, Anchorage Bed & Breakfast also provides its dearest clients an affordable real estate in Jamaica that consists of much bigger size apartment and space—perfect for families who want to stay in a long term. A guest houses or a 3-bedroom house rental would be the perfect option as well as family inns, custom duplex homes or an elegant villa.

Whether for single or double room occupancy and staying short or long term, Anchorage Bed & Breakfast offers the best service, amenities and accommodation in Kingston Jamaica that you won’t find in other home rentals in the area. It offers daily, weekly and monthly rates plus discounts that you’ll enjoy.

Tony Tame invites everyone looking for an excellent place to stay that won’t hurt their pockets to visit his Anchorage Bed & Breakfast’s website at He also recommends taking a look of their photos posted on the Photo Gallery to have an idea on what the inn and place look like.

Together with all his professional, courteous and friendly staff, he looks forward to serving you today and be a part of your best experience in the beautiful place of Jamaica.

Aside from being the owner of Anchorage Bed & Breakfast, Tony is also an excellent book author of “The Village Curtain”. The book covers contemporary events in Jamaica and has received widespread critical acclaim. Get a copy of this book at or in Amazon and read it while enjoying your stay in Anchorage Bed & Breakfast.

More about Anchorage Bed & Breakfast: Anchorage Bed & Breakfast is a Kingston, Jamaica-based accommodation provider that offers ultimate Jamaica experience with its very own accommodation and room rental services. Anchorage Bed & Breakfast is a family owned and operated environment, centrally located and adjacent to local shopping malls, golf clubs and the island’s major business center.

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