The Recession Gives English Language Summer Camps a Boost

Parents from across the world are realizing that the English language can open up more job opportunities, so are increasingly ensuring their children learn the language.

For English language summer camps this has been very good news because it has bought them extra business. Parents in Europe and beyond realise that if they want their child to succeed and do well a second language is invaluable, maybe even essential. Out of all the languages, available many parents believe that, currently, English is the most important second language. They feel that in tough economic times their child it is even more important for their child to achieve academically and particularly important to learn a second language.

Looking at the statistics it is hard to disagree with this view. English is already an official language for 1,400 million people. It is not necessarily the native language of a country, but does have official status.

However, English is the first language of over 360 million people and it is spoken and understood by one in five people. The fact it is so widely spoken means that being able to speak English is a huge asset.

Those that speak English, as well as their native language, can communicate with a huge percentage of the world’s population. When it is time for a young person to go to university or get a job a good understanding of English can open up many more options for them. It gives them a huge choice of countries to study or work in.

Why Language Summer Camps
However, it is no longer enough to speak schoolyard English, after all millions can do that. Increasingly universities and employers are looking for accomplished English speakers for whom speaking English is 2nd nature.

Many parents have realised that this is the case and have rightly understood the need to include a period of immersive language learning in their child’s education. This is something that is rarely available within the standard school curriculum. For this reason firms like Dolphin Languages have seen interest in their privately run English language summer camps soar.

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