Integrating convenience by integrating Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009

To make its eCommerce platform more complete, robust and an end-to-end solution, LAN Services has now added the compatibility for Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 in its 24Seven Cart.

This POS 2009 is flexible, expandable store management solution that actually empowers online retailers to offer superior customer service. By integrating POS 2009 seamlessly into 24Seven Cart, Online retailers are able to reach a wider audience, can sell effectively to new & existing customers & can keep the inventory up-to-date.

This integration with POS 2009 instantly uploads data for products to the webstores and conversely downloads web orders to the 24Seven Cart. Utilizing a weblink for integrating POS 2009, online retailers can fetch information in near real time which gives the enhanced user experience. It works mechanically by attaching to the webstores, new product uploading into the POS, inventory level updating inventory levels & transferring customer & sales information from the webstores.

Industries like fashion, lifestyle, home furnishing and CPG are the few which directly gets benefitted with this end to end integration of POS with 24Seven Cart. Online retailers can run various sales & promotion in store and online which allows them to set different sale & offer prices on both systems.

The key features of the system include:

– End-to-end Management:From managing sales to updating inventory levels, downloading online ordersto POS, avoiding overselling and reducing manpower costs, it manages all the related things.
– Product Features: Uploads unlimited products and share information on multiple channel with image resizing feature.
– Pricing Features: Set promotional prices and sales for individual stores.
– Order Management: Mail notification system & alert messages for online orders. Retailers can schedule the timings or downloading online orders.
– Locational support: Manage different sales channels like webstores, mobile stores, eBay & Facebook commerce.

24Seven Cart complements LAN Services’s innovative set of services that streamlines the eCommerce software solutions. The company is offering an array of e-retailing solutions like MS RMS integration solution, online marketing services, point-of-sales solutions and social media automation. For detailed information about the 24Seven Cart.