Inversion Table Reports Publishes Free Buyer’s Guide & More

Online product review site Inversion Table Reports is giving away copies of their free buyer’s guide as a digital download. This guide enables consumers to know what to expect when buying an inversion table to back problems and more health issues.

The report is made as a response to consumers who are not sure what to look for in a good inversion table. Among the comprehensive information contained in the guide are the three main types of machines that suit a variety of users, 12 important things that must be considered when making a buying decision, and some products recommendations based on people’s specific needs.

The guide comes in a digital PDF document that can be virtually accessed anywhere and at anytime. To receive the guide, interested parties simply need to visit their website and sign up using their name and working email address. After confirming the registration, the user receives a copy of the report that can be downloaded and read at his or her leisure.

The administrators behind Inversion Table Reports respect users’ email privacy. They also assure readers who sign in for copies of their report that their information remains private and is never shared. Readers can also unsubscribe at any time and still keep their copy of the guide.

The review site encourages anyone interested in buying inversion tables such as Teeter Hang Ups or Body Champ product lines to secure a copy of their guide and become a more informed consumer. Visit or contact the site’s personnel at to find out more.

About Inversion Table Reports

Inversion Table Reports is a product review service that provides helpful and unbiased information about various brands of inversion tables. Their reviews are designed to help consumers become more informed when they purchase industry-specific products for their back pain. They also publish comparison charts to give side-by-side insights on each product available in the market.