California Based Curtain Track Agency Announces That They Offer Revolutionary Flextracks

The FlexTracks, the leading curtain track company from California announces to offer multi-purpose and versatile curtain tracks. The new curtain track is patented as Flextracks and is designed to be highly bendable to adjust with all forms of ceiling or wall curvature.

“We do understand that its really difficult to find out the right curtain track for circular enclosures or curved windows and thus we have introduced the Flextracks that can be customized to work with both curved enclosures and straight run sectors”, says the major spokesperson of The Flex Tracks, adding that the versatility feature of their new curtain track allows the customers to use it in several places like custom homes, stores, restaurant etc. The Flextracks come in light-beige shade and are available in 3 different sizes.

The revolutionary curtain tracks from the company are manufactured from resin with I-beam steel configuration which enables in easy bending of the track horizontally. The company assures of no splicing requirement with the track as the customers here would be getting a 164 ft continuous roll.

“Our Flextracks is DIY friendly and you can easily cut it with hacksaw. For the smaller projects we provide with prepackaged kits plus necessary components”, adds the company spokesperson. The company designed the new curtain tracks to be quite flexible and in such a way that it can be easily transported and stored in many rolls.

“Our Flextracks is a sure shot cost effective and quality alternative to costly prefabricated tracks. With us you are assured of a convenient option where you are getting smooth and quiet sliding with easy turns”, comments the spokesperson, further adds that the Flextracks are pretty durable and the smallest tracks are equipped to sustain around 33 pounds/foot.

The company is also offering Aluminum straight running tracks & flexible straight running tracks. Besides, The Flex Tracks has also declared of its latest Orbital Curtain Track which is waiting for patent. This newest launch from the agency is said to be DIY friendly and exclusively designed for elliptical and round windows/glass doors. “Our Orbital Curtain is pretty cost effective & can be installed with any vertical or curved door and windows”, he adds. To know more about the product, visit