“Lollipop” Breast Reduction Can Result in Less Scarring, Says LI Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Charlotte Rhee

For women with an uncomfortably large or disproportionate bust line, breast reduction surgery has long been the solution. While traditionally the procedure required three incisions per breast, Long Island plastic surgeon, Dr. Charlotte Rhee, is now seeing many patients asking for the cutting-edge “Lollipop” Breast Reduction.

“Countless women suffer from back pain, breathing problems and poor self esteem as a result of breasts that are too large,” explains Dr. Rhee. “Breast reduction surgery can often be the best solution.” Performed under general anesthesia, breast reduction surgery removes breast tissue and tightens the skin to achieve smaller, lighter breasts. According to recent data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were nearly 113,000 female breast procedures performed in 2011, alone.

“A traditional breast reduction requires three incisions: one around the areola, one from the areola to below the breast and finally, a horizontal, anchor-shaped incision beneath the breast,” explains Dr. Rhee. “Using the advanced ‘lollipop’ method, however, we eliminate the need for that third incision.” The procedure gets its name from the lollipop-shape of the incision.

And, when it came to advantages, Dr. Rhee was quick to point out the most pressing. “First and foremost is the issue of scarring,” explains Dr. Rhee. “Patients love that we can achieve great results with fewer incisions. The lollipop procedure completely eliminates the unsightly ‘T-scar,’ commonly associated with a traditional breast reduction.”

When asked how women can decide if the procedure is right for them, Dr. Rhee concluded succinctly. “That’s the best part – women don’t have to make that decision on their own. When a patient comes in for a plastic surgery consultation, we’ll sit down and discuss her specific medical concerns and cosmetic goals. Together, we come up with the treatment plan that’s right for her.”

Dr. Rhee practices plastic and reconstructive surgery in Huntington Station, NY. In addition to cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Rhee also offers a host of minimally-invasive treatments, including BOTOX®, soft tissue fillers and microdermabrasion. Interested patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation at 631-424-6707 or http://www.liplasticsurgery.com/contact-us.php#mn-main