Kids perform better at science when taught to think like scientists according to study, reports

Leading online Canadian children’s health information provider,, reports that a study shows that kids perform better in science when taught how to think and act as scientists.

The three-year project research project, led by The University of Nottingham and The Open University, has shown that students who took the lead in investigating science topics of interest to them gained an understanding of good scientific practice.

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130 different synonyms are used to refer to ‘chat bot’, claims - Virtual assistants & virtual agentsA compilation of 130 different terms used to discuss chatbots has been released by, the leading business and research community in humanlike conversational AI. hopes that the list’s release will stimulate discussion in the industry to better standardise terminology.

A chat bot is an animated character with artificial intelligence (AI), appearing on websites, in games or in smart phone apps, and which often looks like a virtual human. These avatars are able to hold conversations, either text based or spoken, with human partners.

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The new SalesLogixMobile app for mobile devices enhances efficiency, says DMC Software

DMC Software, Sage Circle of Excellence Winners, advises businesses to embrace the new Sage SalesLogix Mobile application to enhance the user experience of Sage SalesLogix.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are an invaluable tool for the modern business, facilitating the development of lasting customer relationships through improved customer service. However, CRM solutions are only as good as the data entered and when field staff are rarely in the office, the accuracy of the information entered is questionable.

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Washdown Equipment and Janitorial Supplies with Teknomek

Europe’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel products, furniture and equipment, Teknomek can offer a comprehensive range of washdown equipment and janitorial products. Teknomek’s industrial washdown

Read More investigates how children deal best with the gift of language, leading Canadian online provider of children’s health information, looks into how children are able to learn multiple languages much more easily than adults, and what parents can do to help.

Canadian-born, Christopher Woon was just a baby when he was first exposed to the mother tongue from his parents. While growing up in the English-speaking community of Port Hope, Ontario, he spoke exclusively in Korean in the house. Up until he was about 6, he would spend his summers visiting family in South Korea, and a few hours a day at a Hagwon, a private Korean summer school.

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