Multilingual search support service for agencies is launched

A new service designed specifically to enable agencies to broaden their service portfolio and offer clients multilingual search marketing services has been launched.

KeywordFluency provides SEO, PPC and Social Media support in over 30 languages and only works with agencies, providing them with the multilingual resources and cultural knowledge required to fulfil their international search marketing briefs.

Formed in October 2009, KeywordFluency is the only service which works exclusively with agencies and will not take on any non-agency clients. This focus allows it to provide tailored services which compliment the existing competencies of the agencies and add additional value to their business.

All the work is carried out by native speakers of the target language, who are trained in search marketing ensuring relevancy and accuracy across all projects.

Graeme Sewell, Managing Director of KeywordFluency says, “Agencies are getting more and more requests for international projects, as organisations realise the opportunities they are missing in other markets, however they often lack the resources to run multilingual projects.

“KeywordFluency provides these resources on a project-by-project basis, making it an efficient and effective way for agencies to expand the service they can offer clients. We work as an extension to the agency team, ensuring there is no impact on the client and guaranteeing consistency across all languages and projects.”

More information about KeywordFluency and the services it provides at, which launched this week.

About KeywordFluency

KeywordFluency is a multilingual search service specifically for agencies that provides support for international search marketing campaigns.

Working in over 30 languages, KeywordFluency undertakes all of the language elements of SEO, PPC, Online PR, Social Media and Link Building projects to deliver content which is accurately localised and culturally relevant for each target market.

KeywordFluency only works with agencies and is designed to work in the background, as an extension to the agency team enabling agencies to offer a broader service to existing clients.

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