DMC Software: Sage ERP X3 is recommended to promote business growth

Sage ERP X3 can support business growth - DMC Software The ability of Sage ERP X3, which was launched in the UK in October 2009, to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, makes it the ideal software to support business growth, advises DMC Software.

Sage ERP X3 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution integrating all business and management processes within a single system. Accounts, purchasing, sales, inventory, manufacturing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions reside in a single database enabling organisations to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, both internally and externally, and improve business insight.

Rob Pope, DMC Software Business Development Manager said, “Sage ERP X3 is a great opportunity for DMC to help organisations grow efficiently and reduce operational costs without the overhead of expensive to deploy and maintain applications.

DMC Software Solutions - Sage ERP

Sage ERP X3 is based on Sage’s philosophy of great power through simplicity – simplicity of deployment and user experience makes manipulating complex and critical information easy, improving interactions and efficiencies across a business.”

Sage ERP X3 consolidates all processes within a business and makes information easily accessible to users across departments. Up to the minute information enhances internal communications while enabling better customer service- key to retaining business in the current economic climate. In addition, Sage ERP X3 holds all data in the same database therefore the need to rekey data is removed enhancing business efficiency and workforce productivity allowing more time to be focused on key areas of the business.

Many businesses when they take on an ERP solution do not know what functionality will be required in years to come as the business transforms. Sage ERP X3 is unique because it is flexible and adaptable- functionality, users and additional branches can be activated as the business moves forward without the need for additional costly developments.

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