The Microsoft/Yahoo deal could pose a global threat to Google

The Microsoft/Yahoo partnership could just be the start of a global anti-Google movement, says International Search Marketing Agency WebCertain.

It may appear that Google has nothing to worry about, as its 64.1% global market share is far from being significantly damaged, however this deal could be the first of many partnerships as search engines from around the world look for new ways to compete with Google’s dominance.

Many local search engines such as Baidu and Yandex which are very strong in their domestic markets, have been as yet unable to expand into international markets. This can be attributed to several factors including a lack of an international sales force and complex interfaces purely in the target language, which render it impossible for many international marketers to even consider using them.

Therefore, the proposition of joining forces with an established global player, such as Microsoft could, and should, be very appealing to the local search engines.

Writing on Search Engine Watch, WebCertain’s Managing Director, Andy Atkins-Krüger says, “In Baidu’s case, there is already an existing relationship between it and Microsoft – Baidu currently powers Microsoft’s Chinese sites with its own ads –  and Microsoft developed its adCenter platform in China. Taking the relationship to the next level and working more closely together could be a logical step for them…and cause for concern for Google.

Whilst one additional partnership wouldn’t make too much difference, the potential for a domino effect is what Google should fear. Imagine Yandex, Seznam, Baidu, Naver working alongside Yahoo and Microsoft, not to mention some of the smaller local players – the combined knowledge of the global markets this group would have would be second to none.”

One thing seems clear in this, Google is the common enemy and while it is very early days, the Microsoft/Yahoo could be the first sign that Google’s position as the world’s biggest search engine will not be safe forever.

Read more of Andy’s thoughts on the consequences of this deal.

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