Everybody Has To Start Again Sometime!

logo1Label: Kusha Deep Music
Artist: Dar.Ra
New Single: Start Again

After the success of the first single release from the Soul Hours Album called ‘Fly Tonight’ Kusha Deep Records are following it up with another sonic treat titled ‘Start Again’
Its a tale about fighting the inner demons that hold us back from the heights we all want to climb. It was written while Dar.Ra was out on Tour in Australia and New Zealand back in 03 and then re:recorded for the Soul Hours sessions.
The album was recorded in Brighton on the South Coast Of England in a very small room belonging to Dar.Ra where he recorded all the tracks for the album.
The rule was it had to be live every-one who played on that album had to do it in a take which meant sometimes rehearsing the parts for hours till they got it right.
The string sections were done in that way by two amazing string players Bela + Anna who came in and did their parts literally in one take, they were that good.

So far the album had yielded one single previous to this one which went out to UK radio earilier this year called Fly 2 Nite that has helped build a bit more of a profile for Dar.Ra.
Since that release Dar.Ra played to an audience of over 1 million people on BBC Radio East. Various other stations around the the UK, have also had Dar.Ra on, playing tracks with his acoustic guitar, and getting great response from audiences around the UK.
There is a new video for the Start Again single, shot in Derby UK, within an old Church Hall in the middle of the city. Directed by a young director Fabrizio who has made a small feature film rather than a music promo, with the theme of fighting the internal voices that say no when you need to go.

There has also been an excursion into the world of theatre as Dar.Ra was asked to play a part of a young Irish boatman working on the Barges of Dublin delivering Guinness from the depots to the bars of the Fair City.
The part was demanding as Dar.Ra also had to sing most of the songs from Wild Rover to Whisky In A Jar. The two nights it played at the Brighton Festival got standing ovations.
There are more shows planned for the summer which Dar.Ra will perform in, including an Irish Festival in Crawley UK.

With interest from Publishers for the new album and more radio support this summer, its not long till this music is heard being whistled by taxi drivers all over the globe.
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