Glass balcony? Toughened glass balconies are dangerous

I recently had to remove my glass balustrading from my balcony, which had an aluminium handrail and toughened glass. One of the toughened glass panels shattered without aparent reason when my little girl was playing in the balcony. The glass exploded on her causing severe psychological trauma and several cuts!

I have read a lot about “safety” glass for balconies such as toughened glass. If the balcony uses a handrail the glass can be only 8mm -10mm thick, and I have to say they are not that “safe”. A good alternative to those unsafe balconies would be to go for structural glass but hey! who’s gonna pay hundreds of pounds per meter of them??
I am very upset I was sold the idea of installing a glass balcony which made me spend so much money for a useless product.

I have now re-installed a beautiful iron balcony which gives my house a better looking and proper safety at a fraction of the price. Hope this helps others.