Tourmyindia initiates Save Tiger Mission

westfjordsEvery adventure and wildlife loving person has a life-long dream to see tigers in the wild. Carrying this one particular thought many people opt to go for wildlife or tiger tourism packages. But for the past 30 years the picture has changed drastically. The dilemma is- these large predators slowly and notoriously are decreasing in number. Just 100 years ago there were over 100,000 wild tigers in Asia, but today the scenario is different with figures reaching to 5,000 hardly. India has always been known for numerous national parks, but as per the latest tigers census indicates the number of tigers are declining at fast rate. In fact in many parts of India the probability of sighting one tiger in the wild is getting lower day by day.

Species in Peril – Save Tiger – Before It Gets Too Late

With land being destroyed for lumber and redeveloped for commercial and residential uses, the habitats occupied by tigers have decreased by forty percent in the last ten years. Besides this, over the past few years, the disturbing resumption of poaching for tiger pelt and bones used in medicine and ceremonies has made it a more serious threat. Addressing to overcome from this prime issue, Tour My India, one of the biggest and leading tour and travel operators in India is planning to be a part of “Save Tiger Campaign” with help of Individuals, NGOS, Wildlife Conservation Organizations, or Media Partners who are already working in this social cause.

Every year, conducts different wildlife or tiger tourism packages at most economical rates. Playing its long-standing policy to provide best tour packages in a manner that can generate the wildlife awareness among communities, Tour My India is planning to support the conservation of India’s remaining wild tigers. It’s critical that, through information and communication, parks and people can make huge difference to save India’s wildlife. As a result, during each tiger tour program, Tour My India will organize meeting of forest rangers and tourists. It will be an ideal opportunity where tourists can know more about tigers and the importance of protecting tiger who actually plays a vital role in maintaining a proper balance in eco-life cycle. The key idea behind this interaction is to educate tourists so that they become more involved in wildlife tourism projects and initiate sustainable steps which can further help in conserving the national parks and tigers.

Tiger tourism derives huge amounts of revenue for accommodation and service providers in India. Unfortunately only a tiny fraction of this is reinvested in the conservation of the parks and tiger reserves. This sum is not at all sufficient to stem the tiger’s decline. As a result, Tour My India also plans to contribute in save tiger campaign through revenue it generates from its tiger tour packages. The major portion of revenue will be finally submitted to tiger conserve organizations or NGOs in order to raise the standards of tiger conservation in India.

Therefore, Tour My India is calling all NGOS, Wildlife Conservation Organizations, or Media Partners who are directly or indirectly involved in this cause of saving wild tigers and wishes to further offer its best possible help in tackling this situation. Tour My India wants to offer maximum support and help raising the issue so that the problem gets maximum attention before it gets too late.