Online Visibility: I want some too!

21 May 2009 – London – More than 50% of FMCG brand leaders have maintained their market position over two decades! Such is the power of a sustainable brand.

Even the President of the United States identified the need for online visibility! Traditionally television was considered the biggest cost for a candidate’s ad spending. The creation of ‘Brand Obama’ is directly correlated with a rise in internet advertising spend to $16 million in 2008. $7.5 million of this was invested through advertising with Google, and $643,000 through Facebook.

Knexus Digital recognises this and has teamed up with Katy Howell, MD at Immediate Future (Online Brand and PR specialists), to provide insights designed to help marketers build, maintain and grow brand awareness and visibility.

Ashmi Ahluwalia said, “A brand can speak volumes for a company and can also enhance customer loyalty-a luxury in the current commercial climate. Market research and surveys have proved that brand representation ultimately influences a consumer’s final buying decision. We are pleased to provide these compelling insights to marketers.”

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