Performance-based marketing and lead generation: Live Insights at Knexus Digital

Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, will host live insights on ‘lead generation and performance-based marketing’ to help marketers understand where leads come from, how they are generated and the difference between ‘data capture’ and relevant research for lead conversion .This content will deliver the latest insights and market intelligence on lead-generation performance.

The programme is created in conjunction with Knexus Digital expert Justin Rees (Leadpoint) who will deliver insights and take questions live online. The content will also be available On Demand via video and downloadable podcasts.

Ashmi Ahluwalia, Knexus Digital Product Manager commented, “Lead generation is a very powerful tool to develop new business opportunities online as well as a significant performance-based channel to reach targets for marketing teams. Knexus Digital gives marketers a 360 degree approach to lead-sourcing, performance and measurement. These insights will ensure market leadership in the current economic climate”

Marketers looking for compelling insights on lead generation can get a complimentary sample of Knexus Digital’s insights here:

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