Diskeeper Corporation today announced its multi award–winning defragmenter Diskeeper® 2009 is helping companies through the recession by improving their system performance, thus delaying the need for costly hardware upgrades. Since the release of new Diskeeper 2009, system administrators’ reports are pouring in exclaiming improved conditions across their networks, saving time and money for the company.

In the present economic climate, as IT budgets are tightening, businesses are reducing their storage equipment spending. By providing a solution to performance robbing fragmentation and returning systems to better-than-new level, Diskeeper 2009 helps companies delay costly hardware spending. Because the disk head has to perform less, it also extends hardware life by up to 3 additional years, thus securing further cost savings.

John N. Harmon, Sr Applications Technologist at YUM Brands Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company that includes global leaders such as KFC and Pizza Hut, proclaimed, “The deployment of Diskeeper has improved not only the life span of the hard drives, but kept the operational speed at a constant rate despite years of continual usage.”

Diskeeper Corporation’s unique automatic defrag software, Diskeeper 2009, is key to improving system performance and reliability. As bottlenecks disappear and file access speed improves, the existing hardware is able to cope efficiently with its day to day requirements without the need for upgrading.

“By making use of Diskeeper, I significantly improved the performance of my PCs,” stated Tommy Dunn, network manager at EDS/Xerox. “It is hard to get people to understand making things faster saves them money every day as well as delaying the required hardware upgrade.”

Diskeeper 2009 helps companies’ systems achieve better than new performance, eliminating the need for unnecessary upgrades. To obtain more information or free trial versions of Diskeeper 2009, visit

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