Employgo.co.uk seeks Ambassadors for their new Leeds-based student recruitment website

EmploygoA new Leeds-based website has been launched to help young people find full-time and part-time jobs in Yorkshire – and they are offering instant cash bonuses to young people who act as Ambassadors.

Launched this October, following detailed research and development www.employgo.co.uk is a free, easy to use web resource offering hundreds of full-time and part-time jobs, ideal for young people in Yorkshire.

Employgo specialises in finding positions for young people, whether they are full-time, part-time or temporary jobs to fit around academic holidays and term times, or for those who have left education and are looking for a first job.

Members who sign up their friends and contacts are awarded for their efforts through Employgo’s “Embassador” scheme – Employgo are looking for young, charismatic and well connected Ambassadors who will spread the word about Employgo and earn £25 for every 50 contacts they sign up.

Employgo is the brainchild of Ed Clothier. He first had the idea for the site while doing his A Levels and seeing how many recruitment companies let down younger jobseekers.

Ed says: “Looking for job can be a real chore and one of the most difficult things can be sifting through vast websites that contain too many irrelevant jobs and just end up leaving you confused and frustrated.”

“On Employgo it is easy to find jobs as they are all the sort of roles that appeal to younger people. There’s no hard sell from recruiters and it’s a new place to make friends and have a laugh on the way to earning some extra cash.”

“We strongly believe that looking for a job should be fun – not frustrating!”

Hundreds of jobs in Yorkshire are available on www.employogo.co.uk for members to search through.

The look, feel and functionality of Employgo has been created expressly for the needs of young people. Extensive market research revealed that many 16-25 year olds find standard job websites clinical, off-putting and ineffective at dealing with their needs, so Employgo has been designed to be incredibly easy to use, friendly and fun.

One of the main features of the website is its utilisation of social networking sites. Employgo has a popular Facebook page where members of Employgo share their experiences, pass on tips and generally make friends with other people looking for jobs in the Yorkshire area.

The Facebook page, with more information about the “Embassador” scheme, is linked to on the home page of www.employgo.co.uk or by searching within Facebook for Emloygo.

In the next few months the Employgo service will be rolled out nationwide.

About Employgo.co.uk

Employgo.co.uk is a 100% web-based employment resource aimed at 16-25 year olds looking for temporary, part-time and even full-time jobs.

Registering to use the site is completely free (there are no hidden charges) – and more importantly it’s really easy and it’s fun.

Go to www.employgo.co.uk for more information