DeSlice – The Ultimate Provider of Design Slicing Services

Welcome to DeSlice and discover the outstanding design slicing services for your websites.

DeSlice is engaged in providing professional slicing services which include XHTML/CSS coding from PSD, PNG etc files into valid markup or CMS like TYPO3, Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, osCommerce and many others. All that is required from you as a client is to provide the image of the layout of the client website; DeSlice will promptly deliver the XHTML, and CSS files equivalent to the original design image.

The work ethics of DeSlice is so empowered that web designers/developers are least hesitant to delegate some of their work out of their busy work schedule related to the technical aspect of coding, while focusing on their basic expertise of designing web pages and websites (and all that sustaining a profit).

DeSlice is also the favorite service provider for coding to all the new web designers who want to make a mark with their web-designing jobs; as DeSlice provide the best standards of coding, enhancing the look of your website design. However, DeSlice believes that quality work can only be provided with good co-ordination between the client and the service provider. Therefore, DeSlice ensures that all the job descriptions and the preference of a client is clarified before an order is place for coding.

It is also important that a client provide adequate information to DeSlice if you appreciate coding of high standards. Such as, it is imperative that you (client) provides the Source file of the design, for which coding is required. You may however choose the various formats available in which you want your coding to be supplied. You may also send a compressed (flattened) image of the page look, as per your expectation. It will help in turning off the additional layers in the source files (if any).

Moreover, DeSlice offers the option for clients to provide additional description of any definite requirements. In addition, it is a prerequisite to provide the actual font files to display the image correctly, in case if the client is using custom fonts and haven’t traced the outlines of the fonts.

DeSlice also ensures that ample care is taken before the client uploads the design-work, to facilitate faster slicing of the designs. Therefore, it is imperative that the designs are to be submitted only in PSD and PNG files created either in Adobe Photoshop® (.PSD), Macromedia Fireworks® (.PNG) or Adobe Illustrator® (.AI) or even HTML (existing markup). It is also essential that Outlines be created while sending an Adobe Illustrator design.

DeSlice has excellent record of accomplishing turnaround time for delivery within one or three days, and that too at high levels of client satisfaction. And this high standards in its service is evident from the fact that DeSlice, with expertise in cross-browser compatibility, makes sure that your design template works on browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and of course Internet Explorer 6 & 7. It also takes enough care to make your website standard compliant by confirming that your document authenticates using the W3C XHTML and CSS validator.

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