New DRM-free Consumer-led Digital Music Megastore set to Challenge iTunes

“ We see MBop as the future of digital music distribution and promotion, that is why we’re using them to distribute our entire catalogue Making back calalogue and new releases available to the masses” –Chris Baldock, Tilly Rutherford Prestige Elite Records

For the past 18 months, MBop has been the sleeping giant of the legal download fraternity. With an amassed catalogue of over 1.5 million tracks across all music genres, MegaBop’s Digital Megastore and MBop has sold over 2 million downloads from its ever growing army of users. With virtually no publicity, MBop is fast becoming the savvy downloaders’ online mp3 shop of choice.

Tracks downloaded from MBop are all chart-eligible and, unlike iTunes, not tied to any one portable mp3 player. This means that all downloaded tracks can be played on virtually all machines or players -including iPods! MBop is the individual’s download platform.
MBop is unique in that it is a non-subscription service, meaning users only share the information they want to, and aren’t bombarded with unwanted emails. It’s user-friendly, non-evasive new online music store caters for all consumer music download needs, and their repertoire spans classic back catalogue from the likes of Bob Dylan and Ray Charles, through to Major label content and many thousands of independent labels such as Beggars Banquet, and even the latest cutting edge unsigned bands.

MegaBop aims to be a realistic competitor to iTunes for all MP3 downloads, due to its recommendation system and ad-free download platform. Mbop realise that with so many thousands of new bands popping up every day, and with established artists continuing to release new albums, it’s incredibly hard to navigate how and where to find the music you like!

Just like a physical record store, MBop enables customers to shop around and share opinions on music, encouraging a community of music buyers to discover, recommend and buy music together. Their friendly team of staff also offers advice and recommendations, and boast editorial content written by respected resident and guest music industry figures.
Mbop offers an array of services to the digital music industry. As well as providing a clear and easy download shop for consumers, they also help labels and artists to promote and license their music on a worldwide scale, including press, radio, publishing and physical distribution. They have recently signed significant deals with key record labels and a host of exciting partnerships.

With their digital horizon currently beaming brightly, you will be hearing a lot more of MBop –the new consumer-led rival to iTunes.

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Tel. 020 7734 0206

Notes to the Editor:

Mbop is a Complete Digital Music Service, which is compiled of the following sectors.
Mbop Digital –Complete range of digital and physical label services.
Mbop Global –Worldwide licensing and distribution of music and video catalogues.
Mbop Promotions –Full online and physical press and radio promotion.
Mbop Megastore –Chart linked music and video downloads.

Megabop to Mbop Digital:

From 2004 Megabop Records activated Megabop Global signing music catalogues for digital licencing including Mos Music Machine, Prestige-Elite Records,Delta Music,Uploader/Ioda,The Orchard, Beggers Group, Sony BMG and many others. From 2006 Mbop progressed to 150,000 av downloads per month and from 2007 to Jan 2008 250,000 av downloads per month.

Mbop is currently signing Major catalogues for digital marketing through MbopMegastore and global distribution through its licensing networks.
The first major is already on-board, signed through to both deals, announcements to follow.

About the Director:

MBop Director Paul Ballance is a semi-retired highly successful musician who has performed with the likes of Ian Dury, Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols and has toured all over the UK and Europe. He even struck up early friendships with Joe Strummer and Paul Simeon in the early punk years and played the capitals most revered clubs of the time such as The Marquee Club, Wardour Street, Victoria’s The Venue, and the Music Machine Camden.

He has also worked on stage production for Roxy Music, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Ozzie Osbourne, Adam Ant Concerts.

From the mid-eighties into the Nineties Paul was part of a production record company signed to Virgin and enjoyed a string of hits and critically acclaimed albums. Paul was responsible for production projects leading up to late eighties disco-dance proto electronica and continued in the late nineties with the production label Interworld (later Megabop) which grew into Dance Pop label Megabop Records.

Megabop Records achieved a number of top UK Dance hits in the early to mid naughties with release from CandC Music Factory, Instant Pleasure and Underground hits from Gadgil – championed by Lauren Garnier.