Mobile CRM systems are becoming a popular choice for businesses

Working hours are now often spent outside of the office, with key resources unavailable when needed. Many businesses are beginning to use mobile CRM systems to ensure employees have access to business critical information out of the office.

With an increasingly mobile employee base, companies are increasingly looking for ways to keep their staff up to date and utilising the latest information. Many businesses are looking to integrate their CRM systems with mobile devices such as blackberries and PDAs, in order to enable mobile staff members to access mission critical data on the move or at any time.

“The benefits of using CRM software on the move are clear, it offers staff the ability to keep up to date with the latest information and see the changes that could allow them to clinch important deals or prepare themselves for the next job.

Mobile CRM system access allows for a larger quantity of information to be taken on the move, as it doesn’t require the phone or PDA to have a huge memory capacity,” Lawrence Ramsay from DMC Software Solutions says.

DMC Software Solutions is Sage CRM software training, supporting and supplying specialist with years of experience in providing businesses with the correct software to their needs.

Using CRM Software on the move has the ability to maximise the productivity of a mobile sales force, as it reduces the amount of time that they have to spend returning to office for meetings and updates. It can also be very useful for staff that work in logistics and customer services as they too can stay up to date with any last minutes changes that need to be dealt with.

“Mobile devices that utilise CRM Software can ensure that no matter where you’re your members of staff are located they will have the resources, like phone numbers, schedules, contracts, to-dos etc, to complete business critical tasks,” Mr Ramsay continues.

He advices companies choosing CRM Software to integrate with mobile devices that, it is vitally important to ensure that it can complete the following tasks:

• Allow your staff to view mission critical data, anywhere at any time
• Maximise their productivity
• Improve customer service by providing full notes and history
• Gain a view of customer buying trends and requirements
• Provide real time, fully synchronised data
• Provide customer service executives will real time updates on outstanding issues

Devices that are unable to do this will not allow the staff to get the most out the mobile CRM Software.

“Providing that the CRM system can do this, and ensuring that it can be successfully integrated with different mobile devices, there will be a noticeable increase in the productivity of the mobile staff. Perhaps if your current CRM software cannot integrate with mobile devices it may be time to look for a replacement,” DMC Software’s Mr Ramsay concludes.

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