DEMICON 2022 Atlassian partner of the Year in Europe

DEMICON 2022 Atlassian partner of the Year in Europe

DEMICON was recently selected as one of the top 2022 Atlassian partners in Europe by CIO Application Magazine. In an interview in the European issue of CIO Application, Philipp Batman, the CEO and founder of DEMICON, talked about how organizations can make their IT Operations future-proof and how the “Agile Manifesto” brought about modern-day project management methodologies and how they can be leveraged by companies on a global scale, reducing overall project delivery times alongside operational costs. 

Below is an extract from the interview. You can find the whole interview “Future-Proof IT Operations With DEMICON” if you are interested in reading it here. 

“Our operations are centred around the customer. We place immense value in running the project and working with clients efficiently,” says Philipp Batman and continues, “Atlassian is an important partner for us with its tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Trello, bringing forth scalable efficiency and increased productivity.” He continues, “By placing focus on holistic optimization of business processes, seamless collaboration and continuous output, we have helped companies become future-ready by combining technical expertise with the right tools and methods.”

DEMICON conducts a thorough analysis of both a customer’s organizational structure and project management processes. The expert team then re-designs the existing architecture and employs additional Atlassian tools to streamline IT workflows. Tools such as Jira, combined with process management applications, accelerate IT development processes, resulting in faster feedback and shorter release cycles, thus increasing productivity.

“At DEMICON, we are proud of our roots, founded in 2008 and has its roots in the R&D of automated manufacturing processes in the automotive industry —ventured toward the IT consultancy and collaboration space, forming a partnership with Atlassian in 2015“, Comments Philipp and continues, “Since then, the company has gained expertise in custom software development, cloud engineering and infrastructure, and DevOps. The firm’s methodological proficiencies enable it to deploy custom-made IT operations that suit the varying requirements of each client.”

For those interested in reading more about how we work, we recommend visiting the downloads section on our website, where you will find various success stories related to our work.