A true Ski Gem in North Iceland

A true Ski Gem in North Iceland

Dalvík, Iceland, 04.06.2024 – North Iceland, a haven for skiing enthusiasts, is home to Dalvik, a true gem. This small town, with a population of about 2000, has nurtured three Olympic skiers at its compact ski area, just a 3-minute drive away. What sets this ski area apart is its variable terrain, offering a unique challenge for every skier, and its breathtaking views across Iceland’s longest fjord. While it may not be the largest ski area, it is undoubtedly one of the most family-friendly, with the most pleasant weather.

Located at a mere 45m above sea level, Dalvik Ski Area offers a unique skiing experience. Unlike other ski areas in Iceland, it is shielded from harsh winds and extreme cold. With its lovely beginner’s terrain, challenging stretches of runs, and beautiful off-piste skiing, it caters to skiers of all levels. “Safety is our top priority,” affirms Hordur Finnbogason, the managing director of the area; “With well-maintained slopes, regular safety checks, and a team of trained staff always on hand. If you’re a skiing enthusiast looking for a unique and thrilling experience in a safe environment, Dalvik Ski Area is the place for you.”

The opposite of large ski corps

Dalvik ski area is not just a ski resort, it’s a vibrant community. Managed by the local ski club with support from the town council and the private sector, this area has been a labor of love for 50 years. A network of dedicated volunteers have made it their life mission to keep the ski area running, providing the ultimate playground for the local kids and the public.
With two tow lifts, nine ski runs, and more to come, the Dalvik ski area is a testament to the community’s passion and dedication. With increasing demand from travelers worldwide, plans are underway to update the area by constructing new multi-purpose housing and a moving carpet. People in Dalvik warmly invite you to be a part of their community and experience the warmth and camaraderie that make Dalvik ski area truly special.

Authentic local spirit.
Since 2019, Hordur Finnbogason has been managing the ski area. His background comes from larger ski areas, but he has fallen in love with the community spirit and their passion for skiing. “These five years have flown fast by, and the community is genuinely invested in their passion for skiing; almost every day of the year, the founders of the ski area, Jon and Steini, who both are still avid supporters and lovers of the ski come for their cup of coffee and we talk shop and discuss plans for next season. It means the world to me to have their support and local knowledge of the area.”

Hordur says they still work in their spirit of putting customers first and ensuring they have a good day out on the snow, both locals and those visiting. “During the last few years, Dalvik ski area has been emerging on travellers’ radar, and without hesitation, I can say they are precious to us.” Most people come skiing for a day, purchase some food, and rent equipment, “which helps us tremendously when saving for new equipment or maintenance of what we have, so I would like to invite the whole world to come to visit us and ski at our beautiful mountain.”

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About the Dalvík Ski Area
Dalvík is only a 35 min. drive from Akureyri, which has one of the best skiing areas in the country. There is a wide variety of runs suitable for all family members, one of the slopes being floodlit and 1,200m long. The area has a new snow production system, ensuring better snow conditions. When conditions permit, a track for cross-country skiing is prepared right next to the skiing area. Skis can be rented.

A true Ski Gem in North Iceland