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Deep Dive and Experience the Wonders of Iceland: Celebrated for Unforgettable Adventures

Reykjavik, Iceland, 04.06.2024 – There’s no escaping the fact that Iceland is one of a kind. From the active volcanism to the towering glaciers, hot springs, spectacular northern lights, otherworldly ice caves, and much more, there is a tremendous amount of adventure to be had. But for those who genuinely seek the extraordinary, there’s a hidden gem that only diving enthusiasts are privy to. The Silfra fissure, carved in time by the active volcanism beneath the feet of Icelanders, is a stunning yet bizarre wonder of the natural world. It’s the only place on Earth where you can dive directly between two tectonic plates, a truly exclusive experience.

Founded in 1997, DIVE.IS has grown from a local sport diving education hub to an internationally renowned dive operator. They have been celebrated for their passion for Icelandic nature and underwater exploration. DIVE.IS began with a mission to provide sport diving education and training to the Reykjavík population. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings to include guided tours of Silfra, a remarkable dive site near Reykjavík that has since gained international acclaim.

“Iceland, with its clear water and stunning underwater landscape, is a fantastic country for divers and those who want to try snorkeling. Plus, you don’t need any certificates or experience. Enjoy the deep views through the pure water and take this unforgettable memory home. Join us on a snorkeling day tour!” says Tómas Knútsson, aka Papa Dive.

The work at DIVE.IS has been appreciated and awarded, and now DIVE.IS won the Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award!

“This honor places us among the top-rated experiences worldwide, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional diving and snorkeling adventures. This accolade ranks us among the top-rated experiences worldwide and showcases our dedication to delivering exceptional diving and snorkeling adventures,” says Papa Dive Tomas.

“Receiving the 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award from Tripadvisor is a significant milestone for DIVE.IS. Our journey started over two decades ago with a mission to share the wonders of Silfra and Icelandic nature with divers and snorkelers. This award is a testament to our unwavering passion and the hard work of our incredible team. We look forward to continuing to create unforgettable underwater experiences for our guests.”

Silfra, part of the wider Thingvellir National Park region along Iceland’s Golden Circle trail, is a testament to the raw power that Iceland feels rumbling beneath the soils on a daily basis. With an ever-shifting landscape, Iceland continues to create new wonders and adventures. But Silfra, in particular, absolutely needs to be at the top of your bucket list.

To clarify some of the terminology, a fissure in this context is a rift formed by the cracking or splitting of tectonic plates along fault lines. Silfra, meaning “silvery,” sits on a fault line between two major tectonic plates, Eurasian and North American. Diving in Silfra is a scarce opportunity to visibly see the impact of continental drift with your own eyes.

“Our commitment to setting industry standards for diving and snorkeling operations in Iceland has been unwavering. We are driven by a profound love and respect for Icelandic nature and the underwater world,” Papa Dive Tomas says. “We are deeply honored to receive the 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award from Tripadvisor. This recognition reflects our team’s dedication and the unforgettable experiences we strive to provide every guest.”

The team at DIVE.IS is passionate about exploring nature through diving and snorkeling and cares deeply about each guest. “Our love for Icelandic nature and the underwater world drives everything we do, and it’s gratifying to see our efforts acknowledged by so many divers and snorkelers from around the globe,” Papa Dive Tomas continues. This commitment is reflected in DIVE.IS consistently has high ratings and positive feedback from over 8,000 reviews. “Being named the No. 5 experience on the Best of the Best Traveler’s Choice awards of 2022 and maintaining our position as the No. 1 outdoor activity provider in Reykjavik are achievements we are incredibly proud of,” Papa Dive Tomas says joyfully.

Located in the heart of Reykjavik, the company is a close-knit team that thrives on sharing our favorite experiences with friends and guests worldwide. Their operations are sustained and motivated by a sincere love for the environment and a commitment to a better, cleaner future on land and underwater.

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Founded in 1997, DIVE.IS is Iceland’s leading diving and snorkeling tour operator, known for its high standards and exceptional experiences. We offer a range of tours, including the renowned Silfra fissure, providing unique opportunities to explore Iceland’s underwater wonders.