DEMICON awarded prize for best IT management consultancy

DEMICON awarded prize for best IT management consultancy

The digital technology service provider DEMICON has been given the Best IT Consultancy Management Firm 2021 prize in EU Business News magazine’s German Business Awards. Information technology is vital for the efficient running of any business and DEMICON has specialised not just in providing the best solutions to its clients but in making the process efficient and painless as well.

“No matter how big our client is, we set a goal of leveraging that business’ IT infrastructure, while keeping it secure and stable at the same time,” says Philipp Batman, DEMICON’s Chief Executive Officer.

DEMICON has provided solutions to clients employing up to tens of thousands of employees, with customers around the world. It’s essential the transition to new digital technology in a company of that size is as smooth as possible.

“We improved the network latency time of a major logistics provider with over 30,000 employees around the world by a factor of 10 with zero downtime,” says Batman.

Providing solutions for our clients without disrupting their critical software infrastructure is DEMICON’s top priority.

DEMICON is a multi-award winning IT service provider founded in 2008, and one of the leading AWS and Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partners in the DACH market. DEMICON has built a legacy based on deep technical expertise and strategic thinking, combined with a people-first approach. Our services range from customized software development and implementing scaled, agile methods, such as SAFe, to consulting on agile processes and hosting seminars and workshops.

Our team of experienced Enterprise Architects, Technical Consultants, Software Engineers, Business Consultants and Project Managers provides a wide range of solutions to help companies reach their digital goals. DEMICON has over 90 employees in five countries and offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.

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