Positive Cyber security strategy is key in protecting your business


Threats to cyber security are on the rise and attackers are becoming more and more enterprising in their approaches. Even as this threat looms, Softcat finds it more useful to be optimistic. It is this positive attitude that is behind the leading technology provider launching a campaign centered on producing cyber security strategies that are effective, practical and, most importantly, optimistic. 

Of course, there is reason to be cautious when dealing with cyber security, and Softcat acknowledges that, but their new campaign also focuses on the things that businesses are doing even now but could be doing even better.

It today’s business there is more of a focus on knowing what ‘good’ looks like instead of ‘bad’. With this in mind, Softcat focuses on the most important areas that will assist companies in making upgrades as well as position them to continue improving their cyber security.

Executives at the highest levels are held accountable for the consistent, reliable security of their organisation. The new campaign from Softcat puts the significance of efficient and effective cyber security strategy in sharp focus, as well as the part it plays in future-proofing businesses and encouraging the growth of the business.

Four key strategy guides are included in the campaign, delivering a broad approach to

managing cyber security risk. In addition, a number of Softcat cyber security experts also provide their invaluable input:

  • In the cyber security strategy guide Softcat’s Head of Cyber Security Services, Matthew Helling, introduces the key areas required to build a solid security strategy.  
  • One finds that cyber security tops the agenda of many enterprises today. The enterprise strategy guide explains what needs be a priority in order to demonstrate you are to be trusted.
  • Those working in the public sector know that much has happened within a short space of time. The public sector guide focuses on the main considerations that need to be taken into account.
  • Getting a handle on cyber security services isn’t just the realm of big business. The small business guide focuses on those areas best situated to help SMBs make improvements.

Download the guides, watch videos from senior Softcat experts and find out more.

About Softcat

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