Adapt to rapid change with a public sector cyber security strategy


A lot has happened in the public sector in a short space of time. Therefore, Softcat – one of the UK’s leading technology providers – has launched a new cyber security campaign, with a particular focus on the public sector.

As part of the campaign, Softcat has created a public sector cyber security strategy guide to highlight the main considerations that need to be taken into account today, while providing the practical advice required to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

The guide, which addresses the recent unprecedented changes as a result of the global pandemic, highlights how public sector organisations have not always been able to follow their usual processes and rigor for deployment. Softcat offers specific guidance to help public sector organisations reassess cyber security to ensure they can continue to build securely on their cyber security digital transformation.

Ultimately, Softcat’s intention is to help these organisations achieve continued cyber security success. This ‘success’ will of course be different to every organisation, but the aim is to help them think about the key areas that impact everyone and tackle them accordingly.

With an understanding that driving improved business outcomes within the public sector means putting people first, Softcat extends this logic to the strategy guide itself – which includes contributions and valuable insights from several senior members of the team:

  • Where is the public sector today? – Softcat’s Public Sector Director, Louise Fellows, explains why it’s time to take stock after an unprecedented period of change 
  • Every silver lining has a cloud – James Seaman, Account Chief Technologist at Softcat, discusses the prevalence of the cloud first policy
  • Putting people first in the public sector – Chief Technologist at Softcat, Adam Louca, explores how achieving the right balance of technical input and human output is crucial
  • Same game, different rules – Sean Huggett, GRC Consultant at Softcat, offers his opinion and insight into dealing with the challenges of a unique sector

Download the public sector cyber security strategy guide, watch videos from senior Softcat experts and find out more about the campaign.

About Softcat

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