B2B Marketing

Is Covid-19 changing the landscape of B2B-Marketing?

Oslo, 18. March 2019 – In the wake of Covid-19 outbreak, B2B companies, that have until now been heavily invested in tradeshows and conferences, are being forced to rethink marketing and distribute their eggs between channels they are not too familiar with.

Over invested tradeshows are not an option so brand building and sales activation have to find other channels to work with. Figures published by data intelligence company PredictHQ indicate that in February alone there was a 500% surge in cancellations and postponements of significant events – There are actually opportunities in the situation as strengthening the focus on digital marketing should able companies to maintain some normality, potentially give a competitive edge over competitors who are slow to react.

“Those that I have been in contact with are splitting up in two groups 1) “Let’s use this and learn and focus on the brand building” and then 2) “Let’s close everything down and wait for this to blow over” – Fast forward 2 months, it will be interesting to see where the latter group stands when it comes to their marketing and sales.”

Says Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Digital Evangelist at Engaged, a Norwegian B2B consulting company based out of Oslo and Reykjavik, Iceland. He continues:

“Companies can now do something they are not used to, building their brand and when doing that its good to have in mind that branding and sales activation work over different timescales”

To contact Kristjan and his team please go to www. engaged.no.