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Easy Photo a powerful image presentation software application

Easy Photo Slide Show is a powerful image presentation software application. In fact, it’s the “finally I got a tool that will enable me to view gazillion pictures on my PC fast without hassle” type of program. While there are virtually several dozens of slide show programs, all of them ignore the real needs of program users.

Easy Photo Slide Show is specially built to help create a slide show or picture a person needs. For example, the program can create absolutely beautiful slide shows with stunning transition effects. But what if a person simply wants to look through 200 digital pictures of a wedding taken yesterday without having to click 200 times? Easy Photo Slide Show will do just that. Need business-like product presentation, highly professional and without any fancy transition effects? Few clicks and it’s done.

Easy Photo Slide Show comes with functionality that goes far beyond slide show building. For instance, the program has an image browser that is capable of renaming, moving, copying, deleting, printing, editing or sorting images. Furthermore, it can be used to add comments to images.

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