The Great Data Heist Drops its Cover at Manchester Central Europe’s Largest Data Summit Reveals Latest Trends and Tech

Unveiling the secrets and advances in the technology behind some of the world’s most powerful data solutions, SQLBits, the largest conference for data professionals in Europe, is to hold its 11th annual conference in the heart of Manchester, 27th February – 2nd March at Manchester Central. The four day conference will explore the whole world of data from capture and transformation to the latest in data science and AI, looking at the decisions technology can now make without human involvement, offering groundbreaking, first hand lessons.

Building on this year’s theme of the Great Data Heist, sessions include exploration of the Big Data Boom, data privacy laws, the sky-rocketing use of cloud for data processing and artificial intelligence developments with data. Training sessions offer the opportunity to ask the world class experts and those behind the development of the leading data and AI solutions, the questions you’ve always wanted to know.

With over 70 sessions from global leading specialists, this is the only opportunity in Europe to learn directly from the people who make, program and influence the software, as data professionals from across the industry share best practice, and learn the capabilities of the product, solve problems and obtain future insights, developments and improvements, tips and tricks.

SQLBits, was born out of the hunger to share the latest developments, solutions and best practice, whilst forming a network of data professionals behind some of the most exciting developments on the Microsoft Data Platform.  The SQLBits team, work alongside the SQL community, running the conference in their own time. Director, Simon Sabin commented: “The conference is now in its eleventh year, which is a real achievement for the team behind it, who dedicate their own time to delivering one of the largest data conferences in the world.”  adding “Each year, we introduce the latest advancements and trends from across the industry, direct from the people who build the technology. This is what really sets SQLBits apart from other conferences and training courses. Where else can you get the opportunity to ask the people that made the systems how, why and what?”

The power of data is transforming the business landscape and when used to its potential it holds the solution to the most unsolvable problems. SQLBits provide education, solutions and professional development, from the people that have created the products, and are leading the field worldwide. At a time of change if you want to learn about the new paradigms in data platforms, SQLBits is the place.

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